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Spiritual life is like living water
that springs up from the very depths
of our own spiritual experience. 
In spiritual life everyone has to drink
from his or her own well. 
~  St. Bernard of Clairvaux
Welcome To Interfaith Services!
My mission is to assist you through all the cycles of life you may face, from celebrating birth, unity or death, as well as provide you with tools to enhance your spiritual and intuitive needs. 
I entered this path with a background and years of experience in therapy, healing and intuitive work, which allows me to provide a variety of services:

God/Goddess speaks to us, but we often don’t listen. And as a minister my role is to fine tune my hearing so that I can listen closely to the words that come from all directions and share this message to those in need, through counseling, healing, classes and ceremonies
I invite you to explore new paths of healing and transformation through the various services and workshops I offer.
Prayer for Healers
I pray for divine awareness
The ability to ask for guidance 
   I pray for the wisdom to know
When to let go and when to seek
I pray for the humbleness
Of accepting help
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